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Baby Ballet                               

We make this class a magical experience for your little tots. At baby ballet your little stars will make friends, gain coordination and listening skill. Helping them to develop essential qualities, preparing them for that ever emotional first day at school.

Ballet/Tap Combo Class

In this class your little star will benefit from learning the two vital disciplines of dance (Ballet & Tap). We make this class a imaginative experience for all our stars. They will be tip tapping round the house after this class for sure! 

Baby Boogie

A parent and baby class. This is a great class to introduce your babies to movement and dance, allowing them to express themselves whilst we play games, sing and dance using props and help develop their coordination. We entertain your baby stars whilst stimulating their imaginative, sensory and thinking skills. In keeping with our "Wiggle & Giggle" Moto! Come and try this unique bonding experience with your boogie babies today! A very popular class.

Mini Movers 

A class where the focus is on FUN. This is a great class to introduce your little ones to movement and dance. Combining well known songs, nursery rhymes and the latest pop hits. We create unique story telling through the art of dance, song and mime. Whilst playing games, using props and entertaining your little stars we are stimulating their imaginative and thinking skills. Learning to express themselves through our "Praise & Practice" technique, whilst having lots of fun and laughter. A very popular class.


A energetic playful class. Where your mini celebs can strut their stuff, bust a move and show off their flare to the world. We focus on furthering their artistic talents, as they dance along to the most recent fun chart hits, inspiring your kids to showcase their individual style, originality and fancy footwork . This class allows your stars to make friends engage their creativity skills  all whilst keeping active, entertained & healthy! We can't wait to see your moves ....

Street/Hip Hoppers

A class focused on the popular urban culture style of dance that will introduce your teens to moves featured in todays popular music videos. The classes environment allows our students to release their energy and passion gain self confidence and build self esteem within dance. Our commitment to supporting and developing  our students goes so much deeper than “just” Street Dance… if you like having a laugh and learning whilst getting fitter and healthier this is the class for you. We would love for you to come along and dance with us, you'll feel part of something that celebrates a family atmosphere.​

Showtime/Performing Arts

Want to learn to dance like the stars on tv in shows such as Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, BGT and many more? This is the class for you. A energetic class where students can develop their performance skills. In this class there will not only dance but students will get the chance to sing and act. We focus on furthering their artistic talents, as they dance sing and act along to the most recent West end hits and famous musical theatre shows, inspiring our kids to showcase their individual style and originality. This class allows our stars to make friends engage their creativity skills all whilst keeping active, entertained & healthy!

Boys Pop & Lock It/Tricks & Turns 

High energy urban style class taught by industry professionals.

Aiming at teaching our Starbucks family boys how to impress with tricks, turns, popping, locking and fancy footwork! A very popular class and spaces go fast. Join us and be the talk of your class!


Flex - Leaps & Turns  

 This is Fun high energetic class that will focus on specific skills required to execute leaps turns and jumps - think dance moms style as seen on TV. In dance these days these skills are imperative to aid any dancer further and develop their skills, particularly in jazz, ballet, commercial dance and musical theatre. 


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